Manipur Tourism Festival 2009 in a New Look

The Manipur Tourism Festival 2009 is going to be held at the Hatta Kangjeibung ( Palace ground), Imphal East from December 10 to 19.manipur-tourism

Highlights of this year`s festival:

  • Showcasing of extreme sports like BMX cycles
  • Demonstration cum friendly competition will be held by the expert cyclists from Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, apart from local talents
  • Adventure tours: cycles expedition from Imphal to Ukhrul, Siroy Lily and Dzuko valley areas will be held.
  • Different items of foods including from Myanmar are also going to be made available at different stalls.
  • Indigenous sports like Polo (Sagol Kangjei) will be played
  • Display of famous dances like Raj Leela and other tribal dances

From next year the Manipur Tourism Festival will be celebrated as “Sangai Festival”.


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Great affair, I did not thought this was going to be so great when I read your url!!