Tamil Nadu is mostly admired as a wonderful tourist destination. It has natural beauty completed with blue beaches, hills, hill stations, and clear skies. Apart from the natural sites it is home to much beautiful architecture that is specific to the Tamil style of temple architecture. Tourists find much of the peace in these magnificent and beautiful temples. Being built by various dynasties these temples appear almost similar in their appearance. Tamils are one of the powerfully cultural states that bear the tradition of the ancient India and Dravidian magnificence till now. The achievement of the dynasties and the cultural influences can be everywhere felt by the outsiders. Why only the culture, the local food in the local eateries leaves one with the mouthwatering experience that any visitor should not miss. Most of the towns and cities of this state represents the Tamilnadu tourism with their natural beauty and developments.

Chennai the great hub for business and education is known as Gateway to South India. The culture and the rituals of Tamils can be greatly felt in Chennai. Though it is a Metropolitan, it bears the past glory of the Indians. The festivities, worshipping and classical music are some of the things that specify Chennai. One can visit Kapaleeswarar, The Santhome Cathedral Church, Parthasarathy Temple, St. Thomas Mount, Kalakshetra, and The National Art Gallery. These are the places one can frequent in many days of stay in Chennai. Other than this artful creation by man, Chennai is also home to many beautiful beaches. One must visit and sunbath in the beautiful beaches of Chennai.

Kodaikanal: The natural beauty of this hill station is surrounded by much forest, long stretches of trees, the surrounding hills, tall trees, the meadows and the cattle grazing in the fields are the scenes that urban visitors fail to see. Kodaikanal is mostly famous for its natural beauty. It attracts the visitors with its charming beauty. The place gives many playful experiences to the visitors as they can climb the rocks and walk the forests and meadows.

It is a hill station located amidst the Nilgiri hills. Apart from its natural beauty and environment, it is mostly famous for its Sim Park and Lamb’s Rock. The Sim park is built in the Japanese style and it is a modern botanical garden that is worth of visit. It is great for seeing varieties of roses. And the Lamb’s rock is famous for seeing the planatations below.

The city is mostly famous for its Nataraj temple and famously known as City of Cosmic Dancer. The bronze image in the shrine is of Lord Shiva who is in a dancing posture and that is known as Nataraj. The bronze image is greatly admired for its beauty. The wall of this shrine is carved with different poses of the Bharatnatyam dance.

It is also known as Ooty. It is one of the prime hill stations located in the Western Ghats. Being located at the height of 2240 m, it remains chilled throughout the year. Mostly people come here for summer retreat. The natural aesthetics and the thrilling experience of the hills and tea plantations are something that makes Ooty the most wonderful place to stay at.

It is a small island in the gulf of Mannar and is popular as a pilgrimage spot. The place is mostly famous for Ramanathswamy temple which bears a great corridor that stands longest throughout the country. The island has many beaches and beautiful places to visit. The beaches of Dhanushkoda and Pamban are the most beautiful beaches of Tamilnadu. It attracts mostly the pilgrims due to its connection with the Hero of Epic the Ramayan.

Tamilnadu tourism provides many natural sightseeing as well as artful experiences. As one of the developed state of India, there one will find many modern Botanical gardens, developed beaches and Planetariums to visit with one’s family. So there are a lot of options to explore with Tamilnadu tour.