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Coastal tourism in India is a sensitive topic. It is gaining much of the importance due to climatic conditions as well as source of livelihood. Both these major concerns of Government have made coastal tourism the important topic in the sector of tourism.

Development of Coastal tourism
First, coastal tourism must be handled and managed so that many local people can earn a livelihood from this business. As India has coastline of 7525km, many of the coastal areas are visited by tourists from all over the world. Whether it is beaches in eastern, western or southern part of India, the global tourists pay visit to most of the coastal regions for one or another cause. There are many small fishing villages and beaches that still remain untrodden. These places can be developed through the introduction of recreational activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming. As structurally most of the beaches and coastal regions in India vary, these need scientific research for its developmental activities. On the basis of depth and current, these beaches can be used for recreational activities. This can be a major source of income for the locals as well.

Most of the tourist complexes and beach resorts should be separated from other localities to focus on the coastal tourism. Other infrastructures like parks and sitting places can be built to facilitate tourism on beaches. Developing more of the easy access and dwelling places can attract more of the global tourists to the coastal regions of India.

At the same time the construction of any infrastructure is bringing imbalances in the climatic condition. Instead of stopping coastal erosion, these infrastructures are snatching the traditional occupation of the marginalized. The beach erosion has become a common problem in many coastal regions and the steps taken by different organizations are further aggravating the problem. So as far as the protection of these beaches and development of tourism is concerned, both these things can be run with the help of the locals with their local means to explore the nature. Anything artificial can further mar the natural balances.

Developing coastal tourism through the locals
So whatever changes are to be brought it must be done without injuring the interests of local communities. It is not easier to keep the interests of these communities untouch. But the tourists themselves can create great revenues for these communities. The locals cannot be assisted with the construction of infrastructure and buildings rather increasing their facilities of earning can enhance their livelihood. So the tourists can help by purchasing their crafts or their production from the local shops at reasonable prices.

Local eateries and local dwelling places must be relied during the visit so that the locals and poor villagers get income throughout any kind of tourism. Why only government, every tourist must understand this fact for the improvement of these poor locals residing on the coastal region.

Visiting the coastal areas without causing much disturbance
Visiting without causing much disturbance is another way to help the local villagers of the beaches. Much of the disturbances in the beach side cause lot of problem to the locals and their livelihood. One must take care as far as the cleanliness on the beach side is concerned. Things on the coastal areas must be protected to make the tourists enjoy the untouched beauty of nature at the beaches of India.

Like Singapore coastal tourism in India can bring certain changes to the life style of local people of the coastal area. That must be taken care by the Government as well as the tourists.

Let us join hands for all-round development of coastal areas of India with focus on ecological sustainability, empowerment of locals communities.