Kerala, the beautiful state widely appreciated and adored for the scenic beauty and famous boat races attracts tourists throughout the year. Food, comely accommodation and the most picturesque natural sights are the elements that enchant the tourists round the year. Whether it is rainy, winter or summer, every season is enjoyable in Kerala. The beaches of Kerala are the vital part of the natural backdrop that creates the beautiful mood for the tourists. The long coast line of Kerala is mostly enjoyed due to the tradition and culture of the state. Beaches are the places where one will get enough of this tradition.

Some of the most famous beaches that the tourists must not forget to visit are:

Bekal Beach – The most lonely and solitude beach of kerala. One will enjoy the green sightseeing due to the presence of a great number of palm trees. The clear water, the green atmosphere and the wind makes one forget his self here at Bekal beach. Most of the people love to come here for watching the ruined fort. One will discover many of the Portuguese reminiscent here at Bekal beach. It is a small beach only 2 km away from the city of Kovalam. The solitude will make every one’s retreat to nature successful here.

Kozhikode Beach – It is the beach which attaches many of the historical events with it. One of the event is that Vasco-Da Gama landed here in his visit to India. It has also famous a light house that extends towards the beach. Apart from these historical attachments, it has a great show of nature. The sunset in this beach is mostly loved by everyone. And the availability of nearest accommodations makes it more of a demanding place to watch the sunset.

Varkala Beach – This beach is bestowed with the gift of beauty that no one can deny. The surrounding rocky scene makes it the most photographed beaches of Kerala. Apart from this, the sea is regarded as the place of pilgrimage. It is believed by the Hindus that taking bath in the sea makes one get rescued from his sins. As a combination of scenic beauty and sacredness, it attracts many of the Hindus of South-India towards the town of Varkala. The other attraction on the beach is the ancient Vishnu temple known as Janardan Swamy Temple.

Kovalam Beach – Relaxation at the beach of Kovalam accompanies its dwellers with all the shades of coconut and palm trees. Mostly preferred by foreigners, kovalam is only 10km away from Trivandrum city of Kerala. The nearest international airport attracts the foreigners towards this famous tourist destination. Apart from the scenic beauty of the beach, one can enjoy the massages and swimming here at the beach. One can entertain oneself with the beach till late hours of the night.

Beypore Beach – Being located in the mouth of river Chaliyar, it has a serene view to offer its tourists. The serene and calm atmosphere of the beach accompanied with cold wind makes the beach a favorite place for the tourists even in summer. The summer evenings in Beypore beach is something that makes the tourist come back to the place.

Allepey beach – It is mostly famous among the locals for the Vijaya Beach Park. Children and the elder both love to come to this park in weekends. The relaxing atmosphere also attracts the tourists from other states of India too.

Shanghumugham Beach – This beach can be taken as the most modern and facilitated beach of Kerala. Its location being nearest to the Trivandrum International Airport, it attracts much of the tourists. The recreation club and the Veli tourist village are the major attractions of this famous beach.

Mararikulam Beach – This beach is only forty kilometers from Kochi town. The playful atmosphere with cold wind makes one enjoy all the water-activities. Swimming and surfing are majorly enjoyed by tourists here at Mararikulam. Youngsters enjoy mostly the playful sight of this beach of Kerala.

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