Pondicherry a place in South India is mostly famous for its spiritual serenity. People from all over the world visit the place for enjoying calmness of soul in the city. Many spiritual centers and the beautiful atmosphere attract most of the tourists towards it. The beaches are the other attractions that any tourist hardly ignores. Maximum beaches do not remain crowded most of the time and the clean beaches possess many cafe and eateries on its shore.

Auroville Beach
It is a beach that lies nearest to the Pondicherry town. It is only 12 km away from the beach. It is located in the Aurovilles area of Pondicherry. The shallow sea here at the Auroville beach attracts the locals and the tourists equally. The shallow water at the beach creates an ideal place for taking bath and surfing in the waves. This place is mostly known for its small waves and shells collected on the shore. It is the safest beach for swimmers in Pondicherry.

Serenity Beach
The beauty filled shore exhibits its golden sand and serene sea to the tourists. And even local people get attracted towards the beauty of the sea. They come here to make an evening stroll on the beach. The untouched and intact beach shows nature’s true beauty. This beach is a playful beach that enjoys all kind of sports like volleyball, boating and kayaking. One can reveal more of excitement with the swimming and sun bathing.

Karaikal Beach
This is a known tourist destination and enjoys a great status for its modern facilities built around the beach. One will find children’s park, beach restaurants, vehicle parking and other small eateries to enjoy the local food. The place is mostly enjoyed by the youth as there the playful and exciting atmosphere makes them explore all the opportunity to stay engaged. The sight of Arasalar River stretching out to the sea captivates the tourists the more. The fixed chairs along the road attract the locals as well as the tourists to sit there for hours and feel the chilled wind at the shore.

Mahe Beach
It is situated near the city of Kannur. It is the favorite place for children to collect shells and shingles. The beach filled will shells give an exciting experience to walk on the shells. The surroundings of the beach is encircled by the fishing villages and many palm trees. The palm fringed beach with all that greenery is the specialty of this beach. One can find nearest accommodations and the visit to the beach in the morning will leave one with the sight of fishing. The techniques and the supplements of the fishing are worth of watching.

Plage Paradiso Beach
It is most popularly known as Paradise Beach. The beach has historical specification as there one will find the war Memorial built in the memories of the soldiers of World War I. At a short distance one will see the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. These representation historical mile poles depict the beach. Apart from these manmade arts, there is the palm tree surrounded beach, the golden beach and the bluish water those together make the place a real paradise.

Promanade Beach
This is more famous among the local people. They come here for an evening stroll. The wind at the shore gives them the natural air to refresh life. War Memorial and other statue of historical importance will be experienced on the shore. The boulevard is the special feature of this shore that really attracts the locals for the evening walk.

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