Kanyakumari is situated on the most southern tip of Indian peninsula. The place is known for confluence of Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. The beach at Kanyakumari is majorly adored for it beautiful sunrise and sunset. Mainly on full moon days the scenic beauty of sun rise and sun set can be greatly enjoyed. The southernmost part of India is visited by many for its picturesque beauty and serene atmosphere.

Kanyakumari Beach

Kanyakumari beach is highly revered for its beautiful sand where sun bathing can be enjoyed. Playing in the sea water is restricted due to the presence of much rock on the beach. The rocky beach limits its playful nature but sitting and observing the sea here can be another attraction for the tourists. Kanyakumari beach is mostly visited for Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Sangam and Kanyakumari temple. Being famously visited as a pilgrimage center, Kanyakumari receives devotees and philosophers round the year.

Cape Comorin in Kanyakumari is the sacred place for Hindus where the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea meet. Hindus come here to take bath and worship Devi Kanya who did penance over the rock to marry Lord Shiva. She is worshipped as the incarnation of Devi Parvathi. The pilgrimage center and philosopher’s attraction has a great many beaches filled with natural sight to be enjoyed by the visitors.

Kanyakumari district is home to:

Sanguthurai beach

This serene and peaceful beach is located at a distance of 8km from Nagercoil in Kanyakumari district. The beach is bestowed with natural greenery of the palm grooves. The Vivekananda Rack memorial can be greatly enjoyed from this beach. The huge white pillar with a small conch protruding from the sea is another tourist attraction on the beach. The serene and peaceful Sanguthurai beach enchants more in the evening time. The visit to this beach makes one’s retreat to nature easier. The serene atmosphere and white sand on the beach makes this place a gift for vision. The beach is a perfect place for swimming and surfing.

Thengapattinum beach

This beach is an estuary and located near the painkulam village in Kanyakumari district. The place is mostly admired for the sea mouth. It is where the river meets the sea. This place is surrounded by coconut groves and the small ride on boats can enhance the visit to this estuary. The place is mostly crowded during winter for picnicking. The shade and calmness provides peace to the visitor. Visitors love to spend time in this beach. One can also visit the 1200 years old mosque located in the vicinity of this beach.

Shotharilal Beach

This beach is known for its shallow water and sand dunes. This beach is filled with natural beauty. The calm and serene environment on this beach is a great treat of nature to man. It is only 10km from Kanyakumari and can be enjoyed during winter the most.

Muttom Beach

This famous beach in the Kanyakumari district is 32km from Kanyakumari. It is located in the Trivandrum-Kanyakumari highway. This beach is popular for its high rocks. On the rock tops district administration has built huts for tourists. The tourists can take rest there. But the rocks are slippery and it should be climbed with much caution. It is also famous for the lighthouse built during the British colonialism. This beautifully designed beach by nature is great for sitting and enjoying the waves.