Odisha lying in the eastern coast of India shows a temperate climate. And the state is mostly visited by the tourists for the world famous spot “Puri”. Puri mostly known for Lord Jagannath attracts visitors from all over the world. The temple at Puri built towards the 12th century A.D is the representative of great Temple architecture that is capable of surviving many of the natural disasters. Why only the temple architecture of Odisha, the beaches in Puri and other coastal areas of Odisha are great tourist attractions. The beaches are mostly recognized for their clean sand and pristine sea.

Puri Beach
Puri beach is mostly taken as Tirthraj or the “King of Pilgrimage Spot”. People coming to Puri end their pilgrimage with delving into the sea. There one will get the “Nolia” or the fisherman who are well acquainted with the sea and the tide. One can enjoy the delving with these Nolias. They accompany one to the sea and get the tourist bathed by the surf and get him back to the shore. Their knowledge about the tide and current under the sea assists the tourists to take bath in the sea. Puri majorly known as pilgrimage spot remains crowded throughout the year. As the Jagannath culture celebrates all the rituals throughout the year, so the tourist has every reason to come to the place all along the year. They complete their pilgrimage with the visit to the beach and taking bath in the sea.

Gopalpur Beach
The port town of Gopalpur exhibits a clean and avid picture of the beach. It depicts more of the calm and undisturbed beauty of its beach. The town at the sea enjoys the aquatic experiences and people from the local area make a great visit to this place. Being located in the southern part of Odisha, it draws tourists mostly from Andhra Pradesh. The beautifully designed port receives revivals from authorities for accepting most modern ships. The port is a great place to enjoy ships and calm atmosphere surrounding the beach is ideal for sun bathing and surfing. It entails much of the alluring surrounding that arises the playful mood of the tourist. It can be easily accessible from the town of Berhampur and many budget accommodations propel the tourists stay for many days to enjoy the sea.

Chnadipur Beach
Chandipur beach lies in the northern part of Odisha and enjoys the great magical status for its low tide that makes the sea vanish from the eyes and within the few minutes the sea comes back to the shore. It is easily accessible from Balasore town of Odisha. One can catch any cab or taxi to reach the place. The calm and serene surrounding of the beach witnesses less number of visitors. The rising dunes and the coconut trees in the surrounding area enchant the tourist the most. Many affordable accommodations are available in the nearest area and one can make a stay for many days to read the nature at Chandipur.

Chandrabhaga beach
Being nearest to the Konark temple, it enjoys special status in the Hindu Mythology. The beach remains mostly crowded during the “Magha Saptami”. It is a great spot of pilgrimage where the pilgrims makes visit during the occasion of “Magha Saptami”. It is believed on this day, taking bath in the sea purifies one’s soul and mind. During this period of pilgrimage it is hard to find accommodations in the nearest area. And this sacred occasion falls in the winter season where bathing in the sea in the morning time creates saga in every pilgrim’s life.

Konark Marine Drive
While moving from Bhubaneswar towards Konark, Sun temple, there along the road one can enjoy the Marine drive of Konark. The beautiful and long beach is an ideal place to sit and enjoy the art of nature. The silver sand and the calm picture of the sea mostly attract the visitors. There one will get many eco tourism and eco-friendly accommodation supported by OTDC.

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