Kerala as a Tourist Place

The highly literate state of India enjoys the status of most visited place.  Being the naturally beautiful state it has a captivating atmosphere. It has gained the name as “God’s own county” for natural beauty of its flora and fauna. The naturally filled beauty and the local cuisine are the major attractions in Kerala.  An equable calm atmosphere, greenery spread through coconut trees, tranquil beaches and cool hill stations are the natural cynosure of the state.  The rich culture of Kerala is another part of the coin. As a part of this highly valued heritage one can find Ayurvedic Massage, Boat race, boat house and the local cuisine as more engrossing in Kerala. These together make Kerala as a state naturally prepared for world exhibition.

As a tourist destination, Kerala has

  • Beautiful Beaches and back water

Beautiful beaches and back water in Kerala are the other attractions for water lovers. The calm and serene water fringed with coconut trees is the symbol that stands for beaches of Kerala. The most famous beaches with silver sand and bluish water that enthralls the tourists are Bekal beach, Beypore beach, Varkala beach, Mararikulam Beach and Kovalam beach. The appropriate season for visiting these beaches are from December to March. Backwater of Kerala is another place of interest for tourists all over the world. The back water in Kerala is broad stretch of water way that provides houseboat tourism.  These wood vessels are the luxurious place to live in and it includes services like Ayurvedic Massage, Local Cuisine and many other beauty treatments to the tourists. A great livelihood is possible through this houseboat tourism.

  • Hill Stations

The high land  area of the Western Ghat is the coolest place one can come to relax. The hill sations with all the picturesque image of the low land is a passion for tourists. These are the best places to visit in Summer. The summer heat can be well treated in Kerala Hill stations the most. One can go to Chembra Park, Chitirapuram, Devikulam and many hill stations located at the height of 1520m from sea level. The places filled with different plants and animals are the best place to get a retreat to the lap of nature.  The less crowed hill stations in Kerala have a healing effect on the stressed–out mind and brain.

  • Kerala Wild life

Kerala is home to a varied flora and fauna. The wide range of plants in the area of these sanctuaries includes many medicinal plants as well.  The densely filled fauna of different places have been reserved through construction of different sanctuaries. Most of the beautiful sanctuaries in the state are Neyyar wildlife sanctuary, Peppara Wild life sanctuary, Shenduruney wildlife sanctuary, Parambikulam Tiger reserve and Periyar wildlife sanctuary. People with a adventurous spirit will definitely love the safari to this places.

  • Kerala Monuments

Alwaye palace, Bolghatty Palace, Bekal Fort, Krishnapuram Palace, Hill Palace Museum, Arakkal Palace & Kannur Fort and Koyikkal Palace are some the artistic presentation of the ancient Kerala. The tradition rich state of Kerala receives wide admiration for the wealth of the culture and heritage. One can find all the art hidden monuments to be enchanting and engrossing. The visit to these monuments and museums witnesses the past achievements and taste of the ancestors of different Dynasty.