Konkan is famous for its beautiful beaches, coconut trees, green valleys and mountains. The beaches in Konkan are the most naturally painted images that nature bestows to its spectators. Konkan coast line is home to many beautifully crafted beaches. The beaches are the most serene beaches with clear sands for which round the year tourists visit the beaches along Konkan coast line.

There are numerous beaches along Konkan coastline that are visited by a large number of tourists all round the year. But some of the major tourist destinations along the coast are:

Alibag beach

Being located at a convenient distance from Mumbai and Pune, Alibag is the ideal beach that combines pristine water, calm beach and majestic forts. It is located at 4 hours drive from Pune along the Konkan coast. It stretches from Rewas to Revdanda forming a long stretch of sand. One can enjoy here the greatly prepared local food especially Sea food cooked with Konkani recipe. Alibag is the mostly preferred weekend holiday destination where people from Pune gather at the weekends to revive the coming week. It is really a good weekend getaway for people from Pune.

Kihim Beach

Kihim beach comes on the Mandwa-Alibag road and lies at 12 kms from Alibag. The long beach at Kihim is excellent and clean which provokes many to stay for days in this place. It is a favorite weekend getaway for the dwellers of Mumbai. The beach is surrounded by various trees and wild flowers. The beauty of this beach is naturally adorned with pristine water, artful sand and naturally crafted rocks. It still remains secluded beach and is far away from the influence of commercialization. This is the cause why one can behold the natural beauty of this place today also. It is not preferred for swimming as the place is stony. But the natural and scenic beauty is something that cannot be ignored and is a must watch for every visitor.

Tarkali beach

The beach nearest to Malvan region is famous for its clear and transparent sea water. In clear and sunny weather, the sea bed can be seen up to the depth of 20ft. The pristine water, calm atmosphere and the clear beach offers the right place to spend leisurely hours. This is also known as Queen Beach of Sindhudurg. Many of the water sports can be enjoyed at the beach. The sports like scuba diving and snorkeling are mostly enjoyed at the beach.

Karde Beach

The Karde beach is a broad beach where one can see the long and broad stretches of sand lying by the side of the sea water. It extends far up to Burundi on one side and Murud Harnai on the other sides. This long beach cannot be covered by walking. One can take a ride for covering this beach. This is a safe beach to enjoy a dip in the ocean, play inside the water and surf along the waves on this beach. One can enjoy pure fun in the holidays and greatly pacify one’s craving for food with the deliciously home cooked sea food. If you like seafood then it is the best place to enjoy seafood while getting fun on the beach side.

Mandavi beach

The shiny black sand at the Mandavi beach renders it the name ‘Black Sea’. Mandavi beach appears a little filthy due to the presence of black sand and still it enjoys the status of famous tourist destination in Ratnagiri. This is mostly visited by local people and other tourists as a picnic spot in Ratnagiri. As the most popular beach of Ratnagiri, Mandavi beach receives a large number of tourists during winter. One can get some of the eats like snacks and soft drinks in the sea side due to the presence of crowds.

Ganpatipule beach

Ganpatipule beach is mostly famous for the ‘Swayambhu’ Ganpati temple which attracts many pilgrims from Maharashtra as well as outside of the state. The beach at Ganpatipule stretches for 12 kms and is a sandy beach that is filled with white sand. It is one of the excellent beaches on the konkan coast. The small village of Ganpatipule only attracts many tourists and devotes throughout the year. This small village is home to one of the Astha ganpati and the Ganpati here is known by Paschim Dwar Deveta.