north goa mapAnjuna beach is one of the romantic beaches of Goa. Its natural sites, palm groves, long sand stretches along the sea and the beautiful atmosphere all contribute towards the development of the romantic beach. Why only romantic, it is also a playful and merry-making beach that allows party lovers and couples enjoy the full moon nights on the beach. On the full moon days one will get many arrangements for party making and entertainment. It has become world famous for trance parties and mainly foreign tourists gather here for this kind of entertainment.

 anjuna beach north goaIt is only 18 kilometers from Panaji. It is getting more famous for its rave parties from the time of hippies. The hippies are the one who brought rave parties to the beach. And from that time, the night parties are being celebrated in the Anjuna beach. The culture of night and rave parties have been developed from the mid 1960s.
Bathing and Swimming in the Anjuna beach is safe with the help of lifeguards and most of the foreign tourists enjoy swimming and sun bathing on this beach. The fun filled atmosphere gets dense with the Paragliding and windsurfing. It remains crowded throughout the day and night. And the New Year eve and Christmas is the time that keeps the beach busy.

Sightseeing is another tourist attraction in the Anjuna beach. The Chapora fort, Vagator Cove and many other mansions attract the tourists to the beach. These are the beautiful artifacts that keep the tourists engaged throughout the visit. The Wednesday flea market is another place to explore new and beautiful thing in Goa. This market provides every small and big accessory to the men and women. One can bargain to get things at a better price in these markets.

Another set of activities to relax and chill out gets complete with the massage centers and tattoo parlors. The foreign as well as India tourists enjoy the ayurvedic massage. Shopping at the affordable price is another craving the tourists want to fulfill at Anjuna. The various markets for different fashion and clothing are easily met at Anjuna beach. The Ingos Saturday night market and the Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar are the two things that are generally run by the foreigners. One can explore the foreign food and foreign items there. They are doing the business there for continuing their travel or to help some of the communities.

The restaurants and eateries in the beach side provide delicious and mouth watering Goan dishes and sea food. The palm leafed huts and open aired eateries are the specialty of Anjuna beach and these eateries are specialized in serving sea food. The restaurants of Anjuna serve much of the cold beer to its visitors. Cold beer in the beach side restaurants and eateries are famous among the foreign tourists. Anjuna Beach fulfills all the tourist desire in a visit. Whether it is to entertain in the night time or to stay engaged in the day time, Anjuna beach offers many great places to visit and explore.

Anjuna beach is also home to many beach resorts and affordable hotels. But finding accommodation during the festival becomes difficult during the festive seasons. One can also take houses on rents for staying months in the beach. The beauty and lively activities bind the foreign visitors to stay for months in the beach. One will get many affordable guest houses in the surrounding area of the Anjuna village. So Anjuna is the best place to make fun and relax for many days.

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