Karnataka is mostly famous for the IT hub in its capital city of Bangalore.  The moderate climate, rich culture and variant flora and fauna are the major attractions of Karnataka state. The southern state of India is a famous tourist destination that leaves the tourists in the happy mood. Most of the places in Karnataka enjoy the status of attractive tourist destinations and people are seen with a welcoming attitude. The different places to visit in the state are:


Now renamed as Benguluru enjoys the status of the IT hub of India. It is also known as Silicon Valley of India. It houses many reputed scientific and IT institutions. The rapid growth of the city attracts many for relocations, for studying and for exploring the city as a part of tourism.


Famously remarkable for its Mysore palace, Mysore has gained the status of City of Heritage. The majestic palace is a great tourist destination and on Sunday nights the charming view of the palace is amazing when it is fully lit up. The city is also a great place to shop sandalwood. And one can find many other monuments and cathedrals in the Mysore city.


The town of Hampi witnesses all the captivating architecture of the past.  Virupakhya temple of Hampi is another tourist attraction in Karnataka tourism. One can find the traces of Vaishnav and Shiva worship in the town of Hampi. The ancient village of heritage offers many beautiful art and architecture to the spectators. The architecture and ruins at Hampi are believed to be a part of 14th century monuments.


This is also known as Kodagu. The place is famously called as Scotland of India due to its scenic beauty and climate. This district is home to a varied range of flora.  Many coffee plantations and Orange orchards are seen in this district. As it lies to the border of Kerala, coconut and palm trees are also found in a great number. The place is filled with greenery. The pleasant climate and the natural beauty make it the finest place to spend one’s vacation.


Gokarna is a famous center of pilgrimage in the state of Karnataka. The Gokarna beaches are famous for their playful nature. Some of the beaches are serene and the tourists visit these places for spending a great sojourn. Gokarna is considered as a holy place and the Om beach in Gokarna is considered to be the most sacred as it geographically forms a shape of Hindu spiritual symbol “OM”. This small village is home to many Shiva temples and the temples are believed to enshrine the Atmalinga. Shivaratra is the appropriate time to visit this place.


Chitradurga as a city remains surrounded by forts and seven temples. It is a hilly area and located in the heart of Deccan plateau. It has much historic relevance and relates itself to Mahabharat. It is believed Bhim killed the Hidimbasura here. There is Hidimbeswar temple which is one of the oldest temples situated here. The place is located in the valley and the beauty of the city is amazing and is a must watch for every tourist who visits Karnataka.


Udupi is a famous center of pilgrimage and mostly visited for its Krishna temple. The prasadam is equally famous in this temple. Udupi is also famous for its local eateries and restaurants. The delectable vegetarian dishes are the major attraction in Udupi. This pilgrimage town attracts thousands of devotes during the Paryaya festival held in every alternate year in the Krishna temple.