Maharastra as the center of film industry and major place of business attracts tourists round the year. It will always remain a dream land for the film lovers and critiques. Not only as an activity center it attracts people from the world but the beauty of the state keeps the tourists come to this state every year. The state is naturally loaded with beauty and includes many beaches that welcome the tourists from every part of the world. With 720km long coast line, Maharastra is home to many crowded beaches. Most of the beaches in Maharastra are famous amongst the locals and the local people prefer to visit the beaches after the long and tight schedule of work.

The famous beaches in Maharastra are:

Dahanu Beach
It is famous for its Chikoo orchard. It is in Thane district of Maharastra and its awesome beauty attracts many tourists. The serene beach and pristine water of the Arabian Sea catches the view of the beholder for longer hours. This place once much crowded by the Iranians has become the famous place of worship for Zoroastrians.

Ganapati Phule
A small village in Konkan coast offers stunning view of the pristine sea. It attracts much of the pilgrims as there is the temple of Swyambhu Ganapati. Most of the visitors visit the place as a pilgrimage spot. Apart from this, the natural beauty of Ganapati phule is an asset for the whole state.

The beach located in Ratnagiri district is the most beautiful beach in Maharastra. The beach and its surrounding appear green due to the presence of many palm trees. The palm fringed beach attracts the tourist for its clean sand and crystal water. The Harnai fort is another tourist attraction that most of the tourists love to visit.

Juhu Beach
The most crowded beach of Mumbai is considered as the posh area of the city. The scenic beauty attracts the tourists. The food stalls in the beach is another major attraction that makes the locals comes to the place in the evening. This beach also home to playful activities. People come here mostly for the purpose of jogging, skipping and cycling.

Madh island Beach
The scenic beauty of this island is enhanced by the presence of the Mangroves on the shore. The clean beach is great for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The beautiful beach is an ideal place for spending holidays as one will get budget accommodations in the nearby area.

Marine Drive
This beach located in the center of Mumbai city is famous for its beautiful walk ways and sky scrapers. One will see the setting of the sun from the sunset point. And a large crowd gather here in the evening for walking on the beautiful walk ways. This place is easily accessible and anyone can reach the spot with the help of any public transportation.

The long and narrow beach at Tarkarli is the place where one can find accommodations with every kind of budget. The silver sands and the blue sea is a place for perfect sojourn. The beautiful beach is rightly called the “Queen Beach of Sindhudurg”. One who visits this place can only imagine how enchanting it is.

Velneswar beach is a part of Ratnagiri district of Maharastra. The coconut tree fringed beach usually gets crowded towards March as the celebration of Mahashivratra attracts many pilgrims towards this village. This enjoys the status more as a spot of pilgrimage than a playful place.

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