Beaches in Tamil Nadu are famous for its sand and cleanliness. The beaches clad with the coconut and palm trees are just the most enchanting sightseeing that the visitors can never ignore. Nature has bestowed all its blessings to this state and the beaches are the results of this blessing. The tour to these beaches is fun filled and one can enjoy a lot of beach activities like surfing and swimming. The food and the life style in this state are the other things that keep the tourists return to this place frequently. Most of the seas face low tide usually and allow the tourists to swim and enjoy the surfing.

The majority of the beaches are located in the major pilgrim centers where one can witness the beauty of the beaches and tradition of the city. Most of the tourists are either pilgrims or nature lovers who visit Tamil Nadu for any vacation. The state is good for satiating the spiritual as well material desire of the tourists. The state as a combination of spirituality and materiality welcomes tourists from all over India. And the natural sites of this state are beautiful enough for attracting foreign tourists to its land. There are certain beaches that serve the spiritual as well as corporeal need of the tourists. Such beaches are :

Rameswaram Beach
Rameswaram as a major place of pilgrimage for Hindus attracts almost all Hindus from India. The sacred place is visited by many pilgrims throughout the year. Apart from being a pilgrimage, this place has all the beauty and charm to attract the tourists. The shallow water in the shore allows one to enjoy the sea at the beach side. This place is also famous for the longest bridge constructed over the sea. The most attractive sight by the coast line is created by the coconut and palm trees along the beach.

Kanayakumari Beach
Kanyakumari as a place of serenity is famous for the Vivekananda Rock. It is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian seas. The beach here sees the confluence of these three seas. It is regarded as a pilgrim place and many visit to the rock where Vivekananda meditated. The temples and those architectures show artful heritage of the state. The seashore here at Kanyakumari is rocky and is not allowed for any kind of rough activities. But the sightseeing and the boat trip to the rocks can enchant one more than anything. The beach at Kanyakumari is also adored for the superb view of the sunrise and sunset which no other beach in India experiences.

Mahabalipuran Beach
Mahabalipuram another greatest sacred place for the Hindus bear much folk lore. The temple at Mahabalippuram is famous for the worshipping of Lord Shiva. Most of the tourists come to this place for fulfilling their desire to complete their pilgrimage. The tourists stick to this place for many days due to its picturesque and beautiful beaches spread along its coast line. Nature has bestowed all those beauty and serenity to these beaches which one can hardly forget.

Apart from the beaches that satisfy the spiritual and religious need of the visitors, there are beaches which are quite playful and serene. Some of the beaches are Marina Beach, Covelong Beach and Elliot’s beach. The combination of playful and serene atmosphere in these beaches attracts the tourists towards the state.

Marina Beach
It is the second longest beach of the world. It spreads for 13 kms. It is great for enjoying one’s vacation as the surrounding offers great many activities to be explored by the tourists.

Covelong Beach
It comes on the way to Mahabalipuram. This calm and serene beach provides opportunities for water games and surfing. The beach is also famous for the ruins of Catholic churches and forts.

Elliot’s Beach
This is the most playful beach for the youngsters. It provides all the modern activities to explore on the shore. It is greatly used for bathing and surfing.

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