Enjoying the bliss of nature is possible for those who visit Balighai Beach. The beach reveals the true beauty of nature. The combination of solitude and roaring Sea is the most enchanting experience one can have on the beach of Balighai. The beach is 8km from Puri and comes along the Puri-Konark marine drive. The scenic beauty of the beach can be enjoyed for hours as the natural sightseeing is perfect for any kind of outing. Whether it is for a honeymoon vacation or for a group picnic, the beach is a perfect place to enjoy. The serene beauty of the beach and its backdrop makes it more unique in itself. The beach, its backdrop, the white sand and the shade of the trees are something that comes specific with Balighai beach only. The beauty and the solitude spread along the beach and its background are unique in themselves. There may be many beautiful beaches in India but the Balighai beach has its own charm and fascinating beauty.

The Sea turtle research center is the major attraction on the beach. One can also find the Balihirana, a rare species of black bucks in the nearest sanctuary. The visit to the sanctuary gives the unique view of these shy bucks. These endangered species are being protected from any kind of hunting and poaching.

Balighai as a Picnic Spot

Most of the locals of nearby area and other parts of Orissa come to Balighai beach for picnicking. The best time for going a picnic in the beach of Balighai is from October to February. The winter in Orissa shows chilled atmosphere and one can enjoy throughout the day. The green background of the beach filled with many casuarinas and acacia trees are the shades where one can rest during the midday. The spot is great for picnicking. College students, couples and families move here for an outing.

Clean Beach for sun bathing

The white sand at the Balighai beach makes it one of the cleanest beach of Orissa. The spread of sand for miles at Balighai beach is another great element for enjoying sun bathing at the beach. The beach can be used for the entire day on winter for sunbathing. Evening is too lonely in the beach so it is great for spending the mid day on the beach. It is not safe to stay there due to its remote location. It remains lonely throughout the year and less crowded beach of Orissa. Unlike Puri, it does not entertain much of the kiosks and sellers on the beachside, but spending lonely hours with friends makes a great option with the Balighai beach.  Enjoying the whole day in this beach leaves one more relaxed.

The Nuanai River

Another major attraction of Balighai beach is the Nuanai River that meets with the sea. A boat ride to the sea can be the greatest option one can explore with.  The calmness of the river and the shallow water in the bank of the river is something to be enjoyed by the  visitors. Sitting on the bank of the river during the day also entertains many.

So Balighai beach is the unique beach in its beauty and calmness.  One can enjoy the solitude and serenity of the beach with one’s near and dear ones. The beach is a perfect place for winter outing. Taking much of the food stuff and cooking equipments can make the outing at Balighai beach more memorable.