kovalam beach keralaKovalam is a small town situated only 15 km away from Trivandrum city. The small town was once the sleepy and uncrowned fishing village only known to the group of fishermen. The village was only supplying fresh fishes to Trivandrum and mainly known for its coconut grove fringed beach. The tourists were attracted to this place after the British colonies run in India. It attracted the Britishers then and they explored the beauty of this small fishing village. Now it is the most visited tourist destination and provides all kind of entertainment to the tourists.

This small town is home to the crescent-moon shaped beach which is divided into three parts by the cliffs and ridges. All these three beaches in this town are clad with greenery. The sun set in these beaches is mostly admired by the tourists. Naturally bestowed with much magnificent beauty, the beaches are worthy of spending time.

Hawa Beach
Hawa beach is the beach located in the middle part of the kovalam beach. The beach is great for sun basking. The clear sand and the nearest coconut groves make it the most suitable one for sun basking. The proper time for strolling and watching the roaring sea is evening time. This time fills the environment with cool breeze which makes the visitor enjoy the whole atmosphere. The beach is great for entertainment. Every kind of activity is enjoyed in this beach of Kovalam. The best time to visit the beach is from September to March.

Lighthouse beach
This beach is the southernmost part of Kovalam beach. Vizhinjam lighthouse built on a rocky headland is the tourist attraction for which the beach is known as the Light-house beach. The 30 meter lighthouse is the main attraction of this beach. One can reach the top of this lighthouse to view the roaring sea from the top. The lighthouse surrounded with coconut trees gives the scenic beauty to enjoy the blue water.

This is a great beach to explore all kind of water games like parasailing, surfing, and swimming. Even sports like volleyball and ball-passing are played on this beach. The atmosphere on this beach is playful. One can avail the nearest lodging and boarding to enjoy the sea. One can stay in the nearest area to visit the sea at the time of sun set. The sunset at this beach is the unique experience every tourist wants to explore.

Samudra Beach: The northernmost part of the crescent shaped Kovalam beach is the Samudra beach. This beach is famous for its seclusion and solitude. After the great spurge of the tourism in the town of Kovalam, this part of the beach still remains uncrowded. This is mainly accessed by the fishermen of this small town. One can see the fisher men with their wooden boats departing to the sea. That makes a natural scenic view. And this place is great for spending time for introspection. Both the local and international tourists visit this place. But less of the exploration is seen in this beach. This beach is preferred by the newlyweds and most of honeymoon packages in Kovalam tourism targets this place as an ideal tourist destination.

It is due to the rocky ridges it still remains a solitary place inside Kovalam tourist destinations. But retreating to the lap of nature can be greatly enjoyed at Samudra beach. Staying in the nearby beach resorts can make one enjoy this solitary beach heartily.