Andhra Pradesh lying in the south eastern part of India attracts tourists for its wildlife, temples, beaches and Monuments. The state with a well developed agriculture is naturally bestowed with a great climate for nurturing a wide variety of flora and fauna. The climate and the geographical location together create a scenic beauty inside the state. The state is filled with many beautiful beaches and home many pilgrimage places. The cities and villages of Andhra Pradesh talk about the past heritage and culture of the state. Culturally heightened state, Andhra Pradesh enchants its tourists with every kind of interest. Beginning from the natural appeal to the man made infrastructure and monuments everything attracts tourists towards the state. One can greatly explore the art and architecture built by the NIzams and the British Colonial Rule in different locations of Andhra Pradesh.

The places to visit in Andhra Pradesh
Hyderabad: As a capital city of Andhra Pradesh, it has all the credit of being beautifully designed and decorated for the tourists. The highly advanced infrastructure has gained it the status of hi-tech city. Why only Hyderabad, the other part of the twin city known as Secunderabad is also place of interest or many. The heritage of the city has a decent history and monuments found here is the cultural presentation of a glorious past. The Golconda fort is one of such monuments with a great background. And the other things to visit in Hyderabad are Ramoji Film City, Salar Jang Museum, Birla Planetarium and Museum Faluknama place and Charminar.

The city surrounded by three hills is a great place filled with many temples and lakes. This place is home to many old temples and the historical importance of the place attracts tourists towards the city.

This city is also known as Vizag and Waltair. Where Vizag is the short form of the long name and Waltair name is the name used during the British rule. The city is mostly known for its largest port and Shipyard. The city‘s natural beauty attracts tourists throughout the year. The Ram Krishna beach with the silver sand is the most attractive for the playful tourists. Simhachalam the most visited place of Pilgrimage in Visakhapatnam is the temple of Nrushighnath. The temple with a great relation to Chalukya dynasty shows Orissan style of architecture.

Araku Valley
Araku Valley is the best place to enjoy nature. It is only 120 km away from Vizag city. One will find many waterfalls near Araku. The other attractions near Araku are the Bora cave and Padam puram botanical garden.

Horsley hill
It is a hill station only 144km from Tirupati. It is filled with flora and Fauna. The flora of the place covers trees like Amla, Sikakai, Bay leaves and Sandalwood. The hill station has cool atmosphere that is great for summer vacations. Tourists love to visit the place during summer and this place is highly regarded as a summer resort.

Tirupati is a famous pilgrimage spot located on the Tirumala hill. People from all over India come to worship Lord Venkateswar of Tirupati. This Tirumala hill is considered as sacred hill which is one of the seven hills known as Venkatchal or Seshachal.

On the eastern part of Godavri, Rajmundry stands as the center of pilgrimage for the Hindus. Most of the tourists visit the Markandey temple that exhibits the great Dravidian style of Architecture. The other places of interest are Papikonda Wild Life Sanctuary and Koringa wild life Sanctuary located in the area of Rajmundry.