Karnatak Beaches

The longest coast line of Karnataka spreads near about 320 km. There one will find a number of beaches in certain towns and cities. Gokarna is such a town where one will find many beaches in a small town. The other towns that have beach are Trasi, Ullal and Kupu. There also one can enjoy the great and beautiful beache in the St. Mary’s Islands and the ports and port towns are the other places to enjoy the great beaches of Karnataka. One can choose the beaches of a town to complete the tourism experience of that town and can move to other town to see the set of other beaches of Karnataka.

Gokarna Beaches

The small town of Gokarna is surrounded by many beautiful beaches. Gokarna can be reached by buses from Karwar sand Kumta. It can be also easily reached through Konkan railway. For staying one can get budget hotels near the beaches of Gokarna. The beaches at Gokarna are:

Gokarna Beach – It is also known as Indian beach. Being located nearest to the Gokarna town, it is greatly revered as the sacred place and tourists come here to worship the Lord Mahabaleswar, the incarnation of Lord Shiva of Hinduism.
Om Beach: This is naturally Om-shaped beach and mostly revered by the Hindus as the holiest places. Tourists love exploring many of the water-games and other activities here at this spiritual center of Karnataka.

Half Moon Beach – This is a playful beach filled with all sports and water activities. One can enjoy sports like Volley ball and paint ball here a the beach. Water activities like swimming and surfing are also enjoyed by many. Tourists enjoy bathing and resting amidst the palm trees here at the half-moon beach.

Paradise Beach – This rarely trodden beach is accessible through sea or forest. This is hardly visited by tourists. Very less number of tourists visit this calm and serene beach located at Gokarna. This is also known as Full-Moon beach of Karnataka.

Kudle Beach – It is the serene beach located towards south of Gokarna town. One can get hut at the beach side for making a stay at the beach. One can enjoy the traditional food there at the nearest eating places on Kudle beach. It cannot be easily accessed as it is surrounded by hills from three sides. One has to take walk for few kilometers.

Kapu Beach – Kapu town is nearest to the Udupi District of Karnataka. There is only one beach that throws a spectacular view to the tourists. The serene and cool environment is just the suitable one for relaxing. One can rest on the white sands of the beach for complete refreshment here. Most of the tourists and locals come here to enjoy the beach as a picnic spot and there they never forget to explore the water-activities. It is only 12 km from Udupi and can be reached by roadways.

Malpe Beach – Malpe beach is mostly known for the clean sands clad by palm trees. This beach is beautiful for taking sun bath and retiring to the sandy surface after exploring a lot of fun and activities in the sea. This beach can be accessed from Udupi and Manipal easily. Malpe has become very famous tourist destination not only for its golden sand but the local food also attracts the tourists from the whole country.

Trasi Beach – It is nearest to Udupi and is greatly known for sea turtles. This beach sees migration of sea turtles and during October-December, these turtles choose this place to lay eggs. One will find this beach as the cleanest beach of Karnatak. Many NGOs take steps to keep the bay clean. One will definitely enjoy great moments here at Trasi with sea-activities like Scuba diving and Snorkeling.

St. Mary’s Island Beach
This island located in the Udupi district attracts many tourists for its greenery, rocks and shells. At the entrance of the island one can find the greenery where the other half of the island is loaded with shells. One will not find the sand in the beach but much of shells lying over there. The photographic beauty of the beach is the thing of joy here in this island. Due to the bigger coconuts, it is also known as the coconut island.

Panambur Port
One can have the site of the Mangalore port in Panambur. It is the safest and cleanest beach that tourists love to enjoy. One can enjoy Camel riding, boating and dolphin viewing here at Panambur. It gives loads of fun to the children and the adult alike. The locals enjoy this port-beach the most.

Ullal Beach
It is a perfect holiday destination as one can find perfect dwelling places and fooding here in this small town of Karnataka. The casuarinas groves also contribute to its beauty. The sunset is another thing of joy here at Ullal beach. The calm and serene atmosphere of the beach gives perfect bliss to the sea lovers.

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