Kamat Hotels to develop heritage hotels in Odisha

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Kamat Hotels India Ltd (KHIL) has signed a lease agreement of sixty years with Orissa Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC). Likewise, Kamat Hotels has acquired the heritage palace ‘Mahodadhi Niwas’ in Puri and also the Eco Resort at Ramchandi, in Konark, in addition to the Parikud Palace and Rambha Palace, which are located near the Chilka Lake.Kamat-hotel

Of the three heritage properties acquired by Kamat Hotels, Mahodadhi Niwas opened for business on November 28, 2009. In the first phase, Mahodadhi offers 12 rooms and an additional 60 are expected to be developed over the next phase. KHIL is presently involved in restoring Parikud and Rambha Palaces, which will be commissioned in a phased manner in 2010.


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