Exploring the Sagar Island as an Promising Tourist Destination

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Sagar Island of West Bengal has a number of virgin beaches which can be the major tourist spot. After locating these virgin beaches, state government has decided to explore this island as a great tourist destination. According different sources, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is taking interest in this project and visiting this island along with some industrialists so that they can estimate an actual need of investment and infrastructure.

The government has taken it as an investment destination and all the government officers had made a prior visit to this place to discover the probable investment opportunities here in this island.  With exploring many activities like trekking, the senior officers have completed the exploration on this island. This can help the investors understand the return on this kind of investment.

Government aims at turning this island an international standard tourism hub where the tourists can explore the virgin beach, sun-baked sand, sea cruise and adventurous games. Though it needs investment initially, it can be turned into a great travel destination. With the nearest location of Sunderban and Gangetic Delta, the place can attract much of the tourists world-wide.

The major challenge that government faces is that it has to establish transportation from Jharkhali to Sagar Island. The operators will be provided many facilities so that a systematic operation can be possible. The aim is to provide safe, professional and high class tourism. With this the government aims to keep the environment intact.  The visit to the island can be facilitated through a single portal meant for booking. As the island witnesses a big pilgrimage known as “Sagar Mela” which takes place during a particular season, the tourism will try not to affect the mela.

The officials are also exploring all the major possibilities to find out routes for employing river and sea tourism.  The government also plans to explore the coastal region. The innumerable creeks and rivulets located in the coastal area can provide small travelling points.  The government also plans to establish deep sea resorts at the Sagar Island. If all these plans are going to be successful, the economy of the region can be boosted and a lot of employment opportunity can be created.