Tanur beach is located in the small town of Tanur in the Malapuram district of Kerala. Tanur is situated to the north of Tirur town and located only at a distance of 9 km from the Tirur town.

As all the beaches of Kerala are considered to be beautiful and naturally laden, the Tanur Beach is no different. It is naturally very beautiful and attracts many visitors towards it through its natural beauty. There also lies a small coastal fishing town of Tanur by the sea beach which is a major attraction for the tourists too. . Tanur has witnessed one of the earliest settlements of the Portuguese and one can find many Portuguese remnants in this town.

Enjoying the Tanur Beach
Apart from the natural beauty of the beach, other activities and artifacts located near the beach attracts the tourists. The tourists get enough activities to stay engaged on the Tanur beach.

Some of the major activities that are enjoyed by the tourists are fishing, volley ball, snorkeling and swimming. Tourists also enjoy building sand castles on the beach sand. It is a great recreational activity for the children.
The beach is also just ideal for enjoying a long walk on the long stretches of the beach. One can enjoy collecting shells and conches while taking walk on the beach. Many tourists enjoy the cool air and the peaceful surrounding of the beach which allows them to relax amidst all stress and anxiety.

One will also find many shrines located close to the Tanur beach. Some of the temples that attract tourists over the years are Keraladeshpuram temple, Trikkaikattu Temple, Ayyapan temple, Shova Parambu Devi temple and Vettakorumakan temple. People from different parts of the state visit this place to say prayers in these sacred shrines. Keraladeshpuram Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu is believed to be one of the oldest temples in Kerala and attracts a great number of pilgrims.

A large number of visitors visit these temples during festival seasons. Many of the festivals that attract the tourists are Kalankari celebration and Vrischikam. These festivals are famous and draw a large number of tourists every year. Not only the natural beauty attracts the tourists, these sacred temples also draw a lot of tourists towards it.

When one considers Tanur beach, the natural beauty can be hardly ignored. Due to its natural beauty and supports the idea of eco tourism. It gives immense exposure to nature and natural beauty. It is a real paradise for the tourists visiting this place. Nature lovers get their perfect retreat amidst nature here on Tanur beach.

The place is also great for picnickers. It is a perfect gateway for the local people. In weekends also it is greatly filled with people who consider it as a perfect gateway from stressful lifestyle.

Reaching the Beach
The nearest airport is at Kozhikode and it is only 36 km away from the beach. The nearest railway station is also Kozhikode or Calicut. Malappuram is well connected with major cities in Kerala through rail route.