Panambur Beach, Mangalore KarnatakaPanambur Beach is located approximately 12Kms from the city of Mangalore in southern part of India. The beach is majorly famous for its cleanliness and safety. This is the most visited beach in the city which is frequented by the locals and outsiders. One can enjoy the festive season during some of the occasions like boat races, beach sports and sand sculpture contests. Visiting the place during these events brings tremendous pleasure to one. Not only that, the place remains crowded during the sunsets. The sunsets in this coastal area are something which leaves the visitors with lots of pleasure.

Being one of the clean and well maintained beaches of southern India, it is also preferred for its safe feature. It is very safe because Government has arranged many lifeguards to protect the tourists. It must be remembered by the tourists to safeguard him too. One can enjoy many water sports safely due to the presence of lifeguards.

Attractions in the Panambur Beach

The beach offers various activities to stay engaged on the beach. It offers much unique sightseeing like Dolphin watching to its viewers. One can go to the Dolphin watching spots through boat ride. Many enjoy the boat ride on Panambur.

Enjoying water sports on the Panambur beach is another fun-filled experience that attracts mostly the tourists and children towards the beach. Boating and Jet Ski rides are some of the sports one can enjoy on sea. One can enjoy lot of water activities on the beach.

Visiting the sea port located on the Mumbai-Mangalore rail route leaves the visitors filled with lot of knowledge. As the beach lies next to the harbor, one can watch ships anchored out in the sea. It provides a learning session to the children who can learn how a harbor helps in anchoring the ships.

The sandy beach is a perfect place to stroll and lie down. As the waves are not too high, one can enjoy bathing on the beach too. There the current is high, one must take care while in water. The locals enjoy strolling and watching the sunset during Sundays. It is a great gateway that takes them away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Food stalls are also available near the beach. After a long strolling and walking on the beach, it is great experience to enjoy mouthwatering food on the sea side food stalls. Some vendors also sell ice-creams and Golas that attracts the children mostly. For getting good healthy quenchers like coconut water and sugarcane beach, one can rely on the beach-side vendors. The beach is also great for picnicking. One can take food cooked from home and enjoy the food amidst the calm and clean atmosphere of the beach.

Reaching the beach

The beach can be reached through rail and air. The nearest station and airport is Mangalore. It is great place to visit the beach between October and February. One can stay in Mangalore and visit the Panambur beach.

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