Mypad Beach Andra PradeshThe sizzling Mypad beach is located in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh that offers best kind of holiday for family picnicking. Why only the day is filled with excitement, this beach bestows unique evenings to the visitors. The calm and picturesque evening in Mypad beach contributes to the happiness of the visitors.  Where the water, serene atmosphere and the water games all bring higher bonding amongst the friends and family members, natural sightseeing in Mypad also leaves everyone happy. It is indeed a great place to remove the worries of the visitors and revive the lost energy so that they can resume working with vitality.

Tourist Attractions in Mypad Beach

As the place is naturally gifted with Greenery spread in the back drop of the beach, it provides a lot of picturesque sight to the visitors. The visitors can spend hours during daytime doing picnicking and evening can be greatly enjoyed on the long stretched sandy beach of Mypad. An evening stroll is the greatest attraction for the tourists here on this beach. Many of the visitors love to enjoy the long stroll on this sandy beach. It is the green backdrop that makes this beach most scenic amongst all the other beaches in Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from being the most favorite destination for sea and nature lovers, it also offers great opportunity for water sports. One can enjoy swimming and surfing basically on this beach. The bluish water against the green background gives a perfect place to enjoy the stroll as well as lying down on the beach.

Visiting the sea on the cruise is another experience that the visitors love to enjoy. Dolphin watching is the next thing the tourists enjoy while on the cruise. One can also choose to ride the local boats to see the fishing points on sea.

One can find many fishermen fishing by riding on the boat. That is a scenic beauty on Mypad and it allures many of the tourists to take interest in boat riding.  Sitting on the beach and watching the boats coming from and going to the sea is another experience that remains memorable for every visitor visiting the beach.

One can quench the hunger in the restaurants located near the beach. These restaurants can be visited to taste the sea food and other delicious local food. One will find numerous stalls to taste mouthwatering food and snacks belonging to Andhra Pradesh. One will find many vendors selling different decorative items on the beach. They mostly try to allure the foreigners.

This place is a great tourist destination and visiting the place between December and February brings much of the fun and excitement to the visitors.

One will not find many small to medium range accommodations on the beach. The beach brings less budget hotels in the nearest location to the beach.  The luxurious and airy hotels located on the beach offers wonderful stay on the beach.

Reaching the Beach

One can reach the beach through rail, road and air. The nearest airport is Tirupati airport. The nearest railway station is Nellore. It joins many major cities of Andhra Pradesh and other states. The buses are also available to Nellore from many other cities of Andhra Pradesh. One can hire cabs to reach the beach.

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