Marari Beach is a beautiful travel destination in Kerala state of India.  Mararikulam Beach in Alleppey is the right place to relax and rejuvenate. Many tourists love this place as a natural retreat and it brings every tourist back to the nature’s lap. The small fishing hamlet still remains the peaceful one where a tourist can enjoy the daily fishing activity of the community during dawn. Sitting on the beach and enjoying the activities of the fishing community also calms down many of the anxieties of the modern men.

Mararikulam Beach has recently received the attraction of the tourists and is now becoming famous as a beach destination. This largely unexplored and unspoilt beach offers many scenic views to the visitors. The sandy coastline fringed with coconut and palms adds greenery to the whole beach picture. The solitude and quietness of the beach under the shade of these trees gives tremendous relaxation to the visitors.

Tourist Attractions near the Beach:

The beach is a great place to enjoy nature and its elements. One can sit along the beach to enjoy the blue sea, the sand, the trees, the shade and the fishing community doing their activities. Morning is the best hour to visit the beach as solitude and activity comes together at this time.

Apart from the natural sites and palm groves, this place also offers warm welcome and a traditional hospitality of the native populace.  One can enjoy interacting with different communities staying near this place.

The place provides a great opportunity to introspect and meditate on the morning hours of the beach. The beach brings plenty of peaceful moments to the tourists. The sunset amidst the peaceful climate is enjoyable too.

The beautiful sandy coast leaves every visitor spellbound. The pristine beach touching the culmination of beauty at the end of the day and beginning of the day is worth of visit. The beach is safe for swimming and one can enjoy some of the water sports like Paragliding on the beach. The water in the Mararikulam beach is safe and clean. Bathing can be enjoyed here too.

One can also visit some of the villages producing coir products. Many religious places are famous tourist attractions near the beach.

Accommodation near the beach is not a problem at all. Beginning from the star category hotels to budget hotels, every kind of stay is available near the beach. One can also find many of the hotels located on the beach. That gives amazing experience to the visitors. One can make a stay for a few days on these beach hotels to enjoy the peaceful climate of the beach.

The ideal time to visit this place is during winter. One can see the real beauty of the beach.

How to reach the beach:

kerala_Holiday_package_twoThe nearest airport is Cochin which is situated at a distance of 30km from this place. One can hire taxi to reach the small hamlet. This place is well connected to Kochi and Alleppey with road routes. The railhead is at Kochi which is connected with the major cities of Karnataka and south India by rail route.