Gujarat tourism announces one-day tour to Sardar Sarovar Narmada dam and Satpura

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Sardar Sarovar Dam

The Gujarat tourism has announced a one-day combined tour of Sardar Sarovar Narmada dam site and Saputara.

The one day tour was announced by the department as a part of its strategy to manage the rush at the dam site. Official said in the last five days about 1.41 lakh tourists have visited Kevadia colony to have a look at the overflowing Sardar Sarovar Dam.

There is immense potential of the dam site and its environs in terms of tourist potential and has developed primary tourist facilities such as road, drinking water, toilet, street light, new view points, lakes, vishram kutirs, reception centre, huge parking facility, gardens, restaurant and snacks parlor.

Only on Janmasthami day there were over 10,000 vehicles which had been to the dam site. Officials said that a day before the festival, there the dam had seen a rush of 11,000 visitors at the site to see the wondrous sight of sheets of milky-hued foamy water rushing down the overflowing dam’s edge as in a waterfall.

Officials said that the number of tourist increased on weekend and it is over 45,000. the number is expected to increase as the dam continuous to overflow.

The tourism department with the intention to decrease the no of vehicles at the site has decided to offer packaged tour. The package includes Dam, ongoing construction of the dam, Thulpaneshwar Temple, Panchvati Garden, gharudeshwar. Also the package include travel by bus, lunch and breakfast.

Tourism department has also packaged this tour with Saputara.


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