3D Chalk Painting And Sand Art Jugalbandi On Puri Beach

Tourists and citizens of Puri will get to witness a unique ‘jugalbandi’ of two world class artists of two different art forms in the first week of February. Audiences will be treated to a double visual delight of 3-dimentional painting by famous American artist Tracy Lee Stum and sand sculpture by Sudarshan Pattnaik, who will perform in tandem with each other.

The proposed collaborative event will be hosted by the US government in the beach town on February 4 and 5, sources said. The US Consulate of India sent a letter to the Odisha government on Saturday, seeking its cooperation to market the proposed programme across the state.

“We have received the letter from US Consulate General, Hyderabad, regarding the ‘jugalbandi’ programme on the beach. We will see if we can chalk out a marketing strategy for the event,” state tourism director H S Upadhyay told.

Sudarshan said he is eagerly waiting to perform with the world class 3D artist. “I have also received a communication via email about the proposed programme. It will be a great experience to work with another world class artist, though from a different sphere,” said an elated Sudarshan. “It will be a treat for spectators to watch the collaborative show of 3D painting and sand art,” the globtrotting sand artist said. Some of Sudarshan’s students will help Tracy in creating the interactive 3D painting. She will create the art on a concrete floor on the beach.

3D painting (also known as Anamorphic art) is an illusionary 2-dimensional image that appear to be 3-dimensional when viewed from a specific point through a camera lens. Tracy, who holds a Guinness World Record for the largest chalk painting, will use chalk pastels and tempera paints to create the 3D arts.

Sources said Tracy will showcase her art at various locations in the country in the coming days. Going by the event schedule on her website (www.tracyleestum.com), she is first slated to perform in Jaipur between January 23 and 26. She also has plans to visit Vellore, Kolkata and Mumbai.

“Each stop will feature unique 3D images designed specifically for that location. Workshops on 3D street painting will be conducted at each venue in an effort to foster the growth of this amazing art form in India,” Tracy posted on her website.

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